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DATECHENGVN GROUP is a non-profit organization in Vietnam To help and support foreign organization without benefits, to research local conditions for implementation of their investments in scientific, technological and engineering fields to increase their sucessful possibilities , to reduce costs and to earn more benefits, thanking on the local highly qualified human resources and experiences.

Our activity criteria

  1. Utilization of human resources with high education in famous universities and research institutes to proceed the researches.
  2. To make use of the good relationship between universities and local governments to smooth the process of implementing the jobs.
  3. The success of investment for foreign organization is also our success and purpose, since it brings the social and community development.

So, extremely welcome to all individuals, teams, organizations and companies making the co-operation with us

“DATECHENGVN stands for Development and Apllication of Technology and Engineering in Vietnam. We focus on the following fields: Application of Information Technology (IT) into Water Resources Development and Management for the river basins, linking reservoir operation policies, Hydro-meteorological forecast under climate change condition, water quality problems for rivers, channels within the river basin, flooding control and loss reduction in the rainy seasons, preventing salt intrusion from the East Sea during the dry seasons, civil works and constructions consultant, etc.”

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